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Napa Leasing is a leasing company operating in the Arctic Valley, whose head office is located in the center of the Arctic Valley. We started our operations  in 1999, and we offer our customers leasing equipment at very competitive prices.

Leasing is an easier and risk-free option to acquire equipment for your own use. Discover, compare and rent our equipment for a fixed monthly price.

What we have on offer for leasing

Passenger cars, e.g. Skoda Octavia
Vans, e.g. Ford Transit
Waste transport trucks
Brushing machines
Snow machines

Is something missing from our fleet?

You can requist products to be added to the Napa Leasing by sending email to napaleasing(at)

Car Lease

Car lease is a easy way to finance a car for your company for a longer period.


Example of price list ( car)

Price are without VAT

km/year monthly price
10 000 km 400 €
30 000 km 500 €
60 000 km 600 €



Car leasing contract includes the following

All financing costs related to the car

  • Motor Insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • All periodic maintenance
  • Replacement car for periodic maintenance
  • Small accessories (e.g. wiper blades and bulbs in connection with maintenance)
  • Car oils and coolants (in connection with maintenance), does not apply to electric cars
  • Technical repairs outside of maintenance
  • Summer tires with rims
  • Winter tires with rims
  • Tire changes
  • Tire renewals
  • Inspections Road service 24/7
  • The number of driving kilometers according to the contract for the contract period
  • First registration fee
  • VAT

What is not included in the contract

  • Fuels
  • Windscreen washer fluids
  • Car washes and waxing
  • Towing, transport and pickup
  • Fines, parking fines
  • Tire storage
  • Tire damage or tire washing
  • Special bulbs
  • Vehicle tax (basic tax and motive power tax)
  • Registration and inspection costs resulting from the changes
  • Installations, repairs and removals of accessories not included in the contract (e.g. taping)
  • Any additional taxes or fees imposed by the authorities after the conclusion of the agreement

Fill out this application and send the completed version to  arcticvalley00(at) to become our customer: