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95100 Arctic Valley

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OVT ID: 003717458640 / Netvisor eBank

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Arctic Transportation is a Finnish and Nordic transport service headquartered in Arctic Valley. We deliver the packages within the promised time.



In addition to individual deliveries, Arctic Transportation offers companies customized services. With these services, our corporate clients can access our services easily and effortlessly.


We recommend business customers to choose a contract if your company has a weekly need for transportation. Otherwise, your company may apply for and individual transportation if in need.

Transportation of frozen food Arctic Transportation uses refrigerated vehicles, so you can have frozen deliveries!

Dangerous substances Delivery of dangerous goods must be agreed upon separately. Dangerous substances include: flammable and corrosive substances.


We started our operations in 1995. Initially our operations focused on the Arctic Valley and its surrounding areas. As our popularity increased in the late 1990s, our operations began to expand. Today our operations cover not only Finland but also other Nordic countries. Express delivery offers its customers very competitive rates for regular and special transportation.


With the growth and popularity of our company, we have offices throughout the Nordic countries, but our headquarters are still located in Arctic Valley. Most of the equipment is trucks and combinations of vehicles. We have trained personnel for ADR transport and ADR vehicles comply with EU regulations on the transport of dangerous goods.



Transportation pick-up by 4 pm every weekday.

The shipments arrive the next day.

190 € / month+VAT 24%.


Transportation pick-up by 4 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The shipments arrive the next day.

160 € / month+VAT 24%.


Transportation pick-up by 4 pm on Fridays.

The shipments arrive the next weekday.

120 € / month+VAT 24%.

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