Keskustie 4
95300 Napalaakso
Business ID: 4603524-1

OVT-ID: 003746035241 / Netvisor eBank
IBAN: FI9799202101317109
For service in English: kingsrealestate00(at)


Kings Real Estate was founded in 1996. Our company acts as a real estate agent in the Arctic Valley area. We have grown our operations steadily over the years and are able to offer our customers a wide range of business properties of various sizes and applications. The customer base of our company is mostly made up of entrepreneurs in the area.

Map your needs

In order to provide you with the highest quality customer service experience, we ask you to map your space needs. Based on our experience, we always recommend that you start renting a business premises to a start-up company. If your company is interested in buying retail space, please contact our customer service by email

Prices per square meter by area


Below you will find the price per square meter in different neighborhoods. In addition to the rent, we charge a water charge of 20 € / person / month, regardless of the area. Price included VAT 24%


City Centre 16,50 €/m²/mo

 Vihrelä 13,00 €/m²/mo

Jänölä 11,00 €/m²/mo

Piippola 8,00 €/m²/mo

Länsi-Saarto 5,00 €/m²/mo


Contact Form

Fill in the rental information carefully. We will send the rental agreement to the email address you provide. The agreement will be approved once it has been signed and returned to the Kings Real Estate.


Company name
Business ID (if already given)
Field of business
Street adress
Postal code
Square metres required (m²)
Contract start date
Number of employees
Location of the premises
Districts in Arctic Valley: Keskusta, Vihrelä, Piippola, Länsi-Saarto, Jänölä