Arctic Wholesale

Arctic Wholesale
Napakatu 1
96300 Napalaakso

Finnish and English: napatukku(at)

Business ID: 5038834-9
OVT-ID: 003750388349 / Netvisor eBank
IBAN: FI3599201901242533





Arctic Wholesale is a wholesaler based in Arctic Valley that offers products to meet the need of its corporate customers in a number of industries. NapaTukku’s online stores display a wide and diverse selection of quality products for use and resale by educational companies.

Arctic Wholesale comprises eight online stores:

Napamainos – printing products and business gifts
Napasecurity – security devices
Napasport – sport and wellness
Napatarvike – furniture, decor, renovation and office supplies
Napasiisteys – cleaning
Napa-IT – computers and electronics
Napatekstiili – clothing, textiles, textile printing and embroidery