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Arctic Insurance LTD is a Lappish company that has been operating since 1993. Today we operate nationwide. Here you will find all the necessary information about our insurance. We offer versatile insurance options for both private and corporate customers. We will create a customized insurance policy with each customer. This guarantees the customer the necessary insurance at no extra cost. Our company values include honesty, sustainable development and domesticity. These values are communicated to our customers in our daily operations.


Insurance is an important part of society and people’s lives. That’s why we want to create the best possible service package for our customers.



Insurance rates are indicative, each insurance contract is unique. When you submit the “Become a customer” form, you will receive an insurance quote / contract for your company.

Price list

  • Property insurance –  150 €/year
  • Breaking insurance –   100 €/year
  • Business interruption insurance –   50 €/year
  • Legal protection insurance –  50 €/year
  • Liability insurance –   400 € /year
  • Vehicle insurance –  240 €/year
  • Transport insurance –  20 €/transport
  • Cargo  insurance –  50 €/transport

Property insurance – Secures company assets.

Breaking insurance – In the event of unforeseeable accidental damage (e.g. sudden breakdown of the refrigerator), you will indemnify the costs of insured refrigeration and frozen products and other products requiring limited storage temperatures.

Interruption insurance – Business interruption insurance. The interruption insurance covers the loss to the company when the company has become unavailable due to a sudden and sudden accident.

Legal expenses insurance – Provides reasonable legal and litigation costs to the company. Legal expenses insurance covers the costs of litigation or criminal proceedings. Covers, for example, billing disputes, disputes related to various contracts and criminal matters.

Liability insurance – An insurance policy that protects you if your company is liable for damages. Liability insurance covers damage to the company’s operations, products or services.

Vehicle insurance – Motor insurance from 240 € / year and vehicle insurance from 290 € / year.

Transportation insurance – Insurance taken out by transport companies to compensate for loss, delay or damage of goods during transport.

Cargo insurance – when a company buys or sells products, it is possible to insure the delivery of goods from one place to another.

How do I fill out an accident form?

The accident form is easy to use. When filling out, all you need to do is remember your / your company’s customer number and the information will automatically be transferred to the correct account. We also want a description of the type of damage that is as accurate as possible so that we can expedite your claim. The form requires the date of the accident, the location of the incident, an accurate description of the damage and an explanation of the situation.

What insurance do I need to have?

There is a difference between statutory insurance for private and corporate customers.

Private Customer

People are already insured on behalf of society

Unemployment Insurance – Every person is insured against unemployment. The insurance is funded on behalf of the state, employers and employees.

Health insurance – Insurance that covers every Finnish


Motor Insurance – Every motor vehicle owner must have insurance in a motor vehicle.

Corporate customer

Every company has an obligation to insure all its staff against accidents at work, occupational diseases, old age, disability, unemployment, sickness and death. These are

Accident Insurance – The employer takes out accident insurance for his employees. The insurance covers expenses and loss of earnings caused by an accident at work and an occupational disease.

Occupational pension insurance – The employer takes out pension insurance for his employees and the entrepreneur himself. The insured are paid a pension due to incapacity, old age, death of their spouse or parent.

Patient Insurance – A health or medical practitioner takes out a patient’s insurance to cover the patient’s injury.

Is there deductible in the insurance?

Almost every insurance policy has a deductible. Deductible is the part that the policyholder has to bear and the insurance company covers the remaining amount. The deductible is usually directly proportional to the premiums.


Become a customer

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