Sivukuja 6
Napalaakso 95200     

Business ID: 2044622-9
OVT-ID: 003720446229 / Netvisor eBank
IBAN: FI7599202101317117
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Arctic Valley Electricity has been active in the area for decades. We offer our private and corporate customers competitive electricity contracts in the Finnish market. Our company is investing more and more in the renewable energy sources now and in the future. At the moment, we use wind and hydropower along with non-renewable energy sources.


Price list for energy

Arctic Valley Electricity offers its customers free installation!


Energy                                                                            0,05 € / kWh

Average consumption for 10 m² for 1 person                          98,14 kWh

 Flat rate                                                                            4,5 € / per month

Transmission cost for each district

Piippola district               0,04 € / kWh

Keskusta district            0,04 € / kWh

Vihrelä district               0,05 € / kWh

Länsi-Saarto district        0,03 € / kWh

Jänölä district                   0,05 € / kWh

           Flat rate                               4,5 € / per month


Order form

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