Keskuskatu 4
96100 Arctic Valley
Business ID 5520758-6
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OVT-ID: 003755207586 / Netvisor eBank
IBAN: FI6899202201366147

Welcome to visit the store in Arctic Valley!

Opening hours

Weekdays 8 am-5 pm
Saturday 9 am-4 pm
Sunday 12 pm-3 pm

Arctic Valley Telecommunication is a Lappish mobile operator founded in 1998. Today, we are putting our development resources into faster wireless internet access and 4G rollout network expansion across the province. We are  headquartered in the lively downtown of Arctic Valley. We are the biggest seller or phone subscriptions.

We offer companies the opportunity to purchase each service and product separately. However, we have tailored customized packages to companies.

Mobile broadband 

Basic net  (100mbit/s)                                                                                         24,90 € /month

Mega net  (1000mbit/s, fiber, includes firewall)                                                        44,90 € /month

Phone subscriptions


(unlimited phone and text, 1000 mbit/s speed)      49,90 €/month


(unlimited phone and text,  200 mbit/s speed)        29,90 € /month


Become a customer

Please fill out the application form carefully. We will send the service agreement to the email address you provide.